You don't even need to come back!

You don't even need to come back!

We were recently reminded of an experience involving a 50ish Toronto woman who began using an RC MAX PEMF 120 High-Powered Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy device to target a growth in her stomach.

In the weeks leading up to our meeting, two (2) family member MDs had told her to prepare for the worst. This possibility was reinforced by the reports from various Naturopathy tests indicating the growth was “alive”; she could feel it morphing shape inside her abdomen.

High-powered PEMF works like a battery charger for cells - giving cells the power needed to perform, heal and repair. Best things about PEMF are that "because the therapy helps cells help themselves (and cells are a whole lot smarter than we are) fully-charged cells figure out what they need to do"; PEMF also does no harm.

When people use High-Powered PEMF for the first time, many express surprise when the energy goes to EXACTLY the spot that hurts, or to an old injury or surgery. This is not because the energy knows to go there - but rather that the cells in need attract it.

In this Lady's case her eyes were like saucers when the PEMF energy immediately targeted the area where the growth in her stomach was - using the wrapping technique shown above. I could see the delight in her expression as if "she was finally fighting back".

In fact, using the PEMF therapy gave her such an innate sense of something positive happening she was actually delighted when the surgery was briefly postponed for a couple of weeks. During this time she continued to use the machine according to a set of protocols we provided.

To the shock of her family (especially the Doctors) and her care providers when the growth (which weighed 5 pounds) was removed, the object was so shriveled and “dead” her Surgical Oncologist told her (in a 2 minute follow-up appointment that lasted that long ONLY because the Lady asked several questions) “she did not even need to come back.

Anyhow, it was wonderful to relive this memory the other day. We work with a lot of pro athletes these days but thought I'd remind everyone that what works for NHL and NFL Stars is good for the rest of us too.

For more information please see High-powered pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF): recharge your cells OR reach out to me at [email protected]

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