The PEMF 120 is the World’s most prevalent High-Powered Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy device and has earned a reputation for power, reliability, versatility, comfort, safety, and value over a 12+ year history.

PEMF 120s have fingertip intensity control to enable a treatment experience perfectly matched to the needs and comfort of the recipient.

There are 3 cabinet choices. The Portable and Tabletop are designed for use with people. The All-Terrain is designed for use with horses; the portable is sometimes substituted for the All-Terrain in equine use – depending on environment and intended purpose.

All PEMF 120s are (19,200 gauss) spark chamber units and use coils with double plug-ins which are interchangeable from cabinet to cabinet.

All RTI prices include complete training, a 3 year warranty and shipping within the continental US.

RC MAX PEMF 120 All-Terrain (or Portable) – US$20,200 – with upgraded 4 Coil package
The PEMF 120 Equine/All-Terrain is the popular choice of many veterinarians and other horse practitioners, horse owners, horse trainers, and race tracks equipped.

The standard unit is equipped with 2 standard coils the equine Loop and equine Butterfly

RTI’s proprietary Personal and Equine Protocols require these standard coils as well as the:

  • 24-inch Equine “wings”
  • Equine Paddle Coil with hoof insert

In order to deliver greatest value, RTI offers “ALL-IN” PEMF 120 packages that include upgraded coil packages, best practice training, and shipping (within continental US) at prices often below the price of base systems offered by other private brand distributors. NOTE: a 3 year warranty is standard from the Manufacturer.

The PEMF 120 Portable (which is the same device as the All-Terrain but mounted on 3 inch wheels) may be substituted as the cabinet choice.

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