$5000 Surgery Avoided

$5000 Orthoscopic surgery avoided and my horse back in action

My horse cut her leg on (what we believe) was a short log hidden on a hill in her pasture. She loves to run and it seems as she did the log bounced up causing a de-gloving to the cannon bone.

Since there is very little blood flow to that area, a cut there can go very sideways - which is exactly what started to happen. To help blood flow and discourage bugs we kept the cut wrapped but she was dead lame and swollen. Then the area became infected above the cut and started draining so much we could barely keep up with dressing changes. Add-in blistering temperatures (40° C) and the fluid was baking on her leg in between dressing changes and she had blisters and hair loss. The swelling changes were night and day. She was on 3 abx and pain meds as well.

We were contemplating orthoscopic surgery, but felt reluctant because of stories we’d heard/read from other owners who used the surgical option and whose horses still would not stand on their injured legs.

Instead I opted to use my Sozo PEMF machine on the cut. We played it super safe until we were sure - but it wasn’t long before we saw progress. She is now a thousand times better and back in action. I also used my PEMF machine on her whole body which was sore from compensating. A physio body worker fixed a few things I couldn’t.

I am convinced my Sozo PEMF machine made 90% of the difference in helping my horse get back to health. And what was also really cool – was watching our “wild rescue pony” who doesn’t like to stand still, stand on her injured leg and lean into the coils (as if) to show her approval.

April A., Kelowna, Canada
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