How PEMF Works

PEMF improves cell membrane performance which essentially underlies the cellular energy, transport and communication system.

Cell membranes are “stacked polar lipids”. They have two ends: one is fat soluble (or lipophilic); the other is water soluble (or hydrophilic). Fatty molecules self-organize in water. The polar structure occurs because there is a net electron deficiency at one part of the molecule and an excess at the other. Over time, cell membranes often accumulate toxins which prevent tight stacking or otherwise disrupt organization of the polar lipids. This disorganization decreases the cell membrane’s ability to maintain electricity across its surface – causing power leakages which underlie many diseases and syndromes.

Exposing the “polar” regions of lipid molecules to a magnetic field produces a “spin” moment – where the field pulls on one end while pushing on the other. This “pull/push” effect produces a gentle shaking of the polar lipids which tends to improve organization in the cell membrane which, in turn, improves both electrical integrity and the power production performance of the mitochondria. This improved organization of the lipids also decreases the tendency for structured synthetic toxins to fit within the lipid matrix – helping produce a mild detoxification effect.

Powerful pulsed magnetic fields cause temporary “electroporation” of the cell membrane. This accelerates the cellular metabolism and causes cells to dump toxins and absorb nutrients at an accelerated rate. Both phenomena tend to be therapeutic and further enhance cellular metabolism.

Additionally, PEMF therapy logically helps balance both Anabolic and Catabolic Metabolism – crucial factors to healing, regeneration and overall energy.

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