RC MAX TWIN PRO DIGITAL devices are 5000+ Gauss and hold the pulse interval 4 times longer thereby gently delivering more energy in shorter time. Solid state engineering creates additional reliability and versatility. But the greatest advantage is the capability of running 2 coils simultaneously. This feature makes the TWIN PRO DIGITAL the perfect choice for Professional Practices, Sports-Related applications and homes.

RC MAX TWIN PRO DIGITAL - US$13,200 – with 3 coil upgraded package

There are 2 RC MAX TWIN PRO DIGITAL cabinet choices: the Carrycase and Tabletop.

RTI’s proprietary Personal, Professional and Sports Medicine/Athletic Training Protocols require the coils and tools pictured below: (l-r) Butterfly, Paddle, Large Loop and a Pelvic Correction Kit (for back, joint and overall spinal care).

In order to deliver greatest value, RTI offers “ALL-IN” PEMF 120 Brand packages that include upgraded coil packages, best practice training, and shipping (within continental US) at prices often below the price of base systems offered by other private brand distributors.

NOTE: a 3 year warranty is standard from the Manufacturer.

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