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It’s ALL about cellular health!

Your body has 37.2 trillion cells – each requiring a specific electric charge to do their job, heal and repair. When your cells lose this charge it is the blueprint for reduced performance, fatigue, aging and increased likelihood of illness and/or injury.

Help YOUR cells help themselves HEAL and REPAIR!

A High-Powered Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy device is a battery charger for your cells that gives them back the natural electrical charge they need for you to be as healthy as possible. High-Powered PEMF delivers a powerful, yet gentle and safe electromagnetic field energy (compatible with that of the Earth) that is drawn to cells in need of restored charge.

Replenishing Technologies

Systemic improvement, increased wellness, symptomatic relief

As the High-Powered PEMF energy comes into your body it instantaneously stimulates your muscles, connective tissues, intestines, tendons and cartilage, your brain and peripheral nerve sites – quickly promoting healing and a return to higher activity levels. In this process you will experience systemic improvement across cells, organs and integrated systems throughout your body. Lost functions return and other symptomatic relief occurs (often dramatically). With a High-Powered PEMF device you feel the energy as it enters your body (e.g. your muscles will twitch, or you’ll feel it in a sore spot et cetera). YOU decide the level of energy in each treatment placement - in accordance with your personal comfort.

PEMF is for Athletes, Homes and Clinics

When your cells perform at their best, you’re at your best – whatever that is. Pro Athletes perform better in their sport; the rest of us perform better in our lives. Thus High-Powered PEMF is for anyone interested in being in control of their personal health, wellness and fitness level; or wanting to slow the aging process, and/or wanting to give themselves their best chance for staying strong and active over the course of their lives. The only contraindications are pacemaker and pregnancy.

RTI works with some of the biggest names in Pro Sport (NFL/NHL mostly) as well as a Power Five College Track and Field Athletics Program. Many have taken their already top-tier performance to new levels and broken longstanding Pro and/or NCAA records. We created special value packages to help top athletes train, recover, play and rehab at their best: Athletic excellence and enhanced training, recovery, and rehab using the RC MAX PEMF 120

Of course the same package helps “athletes of all levels” (everyone) live life at their best and we have made these same value packages available to ALL our users: Best life, performance and health using the RC MAX PEMF 120

PEMF is also a proven way for Professional Practitioners to help existing patients more, attract new ones and further their practices and professional reputations. If you are wondering, the primary reasons patients book PEMF appointments is because for MOST people, High-Powered PEMF provides immediate relief from back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and muscle pain – and speeds up injury recovery; patients also benefit from vastly-improved ROM. As patients use PEMF repeatedly most report additional improvements in energy, overall well-being and wide-ranging symptomatic relief. Click here to see our Practitioner PEMF package which includes a practice integration module as part of RTI’s best practice training program:
Best care, best outcomes, best practice with the RC MAX PEMF 120

A whole different paradigm

High-Powered PEMF helps with all of these conditions/circumstances and more because PEMF helps cells heal and repair. Cells are smarter than us, and they don’t care whose cell it is, what part of the body it is located in, or what it needs to heal.

High-Powered PEMF uses and AMPLIFIES your greatest healing resource: the INNATE HEALING POWER OF YOUR BODY TO HEAL AND REPAIR ITSELF. If you are like most people you can expect to feel a difference after just one session with your initial improvements lasting from 4 hours to 4 days as healing begins; repeat use of High-Powered PEMF has a cumulative effect causing benefits to typically hold longer.

In addition to this instant feel an immediate difference phenomenon, PEMF is vastly different than traditional methods in 3 other main ways:

  1. PEMF adapts to whatever you have to work with to perform, heal and repair so helps everyone (again) with only pregnancy and pacemaker as contraindications.
  2. PEMF does not discriminate by illness, condition or injury-type. When you unleash the innate power of cells to heal and repair they fix what they need to fix.
  3. PEMF does no harm or collateral damage.

World’s leading High-Powered PEMF device and complementary tools

RTI offers the World’s leading PEMF Device with a Premium 5 Coil Package and proprietary “whole body” Protocols for the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for a standard (3 coil) unit. We also include 2 complementary tools from our Replenishing Care Model (Pelvic Correction Technique – shown and Voxxlife Human Performance Technology) so you can STACK them with your RC MAX PEMF 120 for even better outcomes.

Replenishing Technologies
Replenishing Technologies


While the RC MAX PEMF 120 is our flagship and best-selling device, RTI also offers a selection of High-Powered and Medium-Powered DIGITAL PEMF Devices matched to various needs and budgets.

We love sharing what we’ve learned

To learn how the RC MAX PEMF 120 from RTI can help you achieve your life and health goals call us at 647-289-3791 or fill out the request form and we will reach out to you.

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Replenishing Technologies Inc (RTI) does not diagnose, treat, nor cure any illness or medical condition. Our services promote wellness, “personal best” life and athletic performance, as well as amplified resistance to illness and injury; results vary. Readers and users alike are advised to use the information, technologies, and methods presented under the supervision of their family doctor and/or other health professionals they rely upon. RTI is a division of Replenishing Care and Technologies (RC&T) www.rcandt.com

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