2018 RC MAX PEMF 120 Portable with 4 coil package

Because of the efficacy, reliability and durability of the PEMF 120, used devices are an excellent investment in your health.

RTI has a like-new RC MAX PEMF 120 Portable unit with standard 3 coil human package and paddle for sale. The unit has less than 300 hours of use, is in excellent condition, and has approximately 1.5 years of warranty remaining.

Replenishing Technologies
Replenishing Technologies

The price is US$16,000; complete Whole Body best practice personal proficiency training is included.

The RC Max PEMF 120 Portable is a frequent cabinet choice for use in Professional Practices, Sports-Related applications and homes. The coil package includes 4 of the 5 coils used in RTI’s proprietary NHL/NFL Premium Coil offering: Butterfly, Large Loop, 30 Foot Rope Coil and Paddle. A complimentary Pelvic Correction Kit (used in RTI’s Back, Spine and Joint Protocol is also included).

Replenishing Technologies


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