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The RTI Difference

Replenishing Technologies Incorporated is an integrated health, wellness and fitness solutions company - not simply a PEMF distributor. If you’re interested in over-analyzing bells and whistles, we’re NOT your guys; if you’re looking for concrete, proven approaches to improved health, wellness and fitness using the best PEMF Devices and Protocols available: WE ARE!

RTI was founded by James G. Comerford, a (self-described) "HIGHLY-SUCCESSFUL PATIENT", whose goal is to help others achieve the same level of results he has - or better yet, not become a patient in the first place.

There is no greater example of walking the talk of any product than being a customer yourself. The PEMF devices RTI recommends are the ones James used in his journey from ascending paralysis (and briefly a wheelchair) with Guillain Barre Syndrome at 40 to ascending fitness (and daily workout) with cellular health technologies at 62; these same PEMF devices were likewise the greatest contributor to his return to full workout 9 days after hernia surgery (at 60).

RTI's mission is to deliver TRUE health, wellness and fitness SOLUTIONS so all people may live their best life possible. This requires making High-Powered PEMF technology available to as MANY people as possible. It is that MUCH of a difference-maker.

Toward this end RTI has created cost-effective PEMF packages designed to maximize the value/ROI for our PEMF Owners and offers FREE Training and Certification to our PEMF Owners - so each is able to achieve maximum benefit at the best possible price.

Additionally, working with RTI gives PEMF Owners one-stop access to the suite of complementary cellular health technologies that make up Replenishing Care an ascending fitness/wellness and personal best performance system - that STACKS 9+ technologies on top of PEMF to enhance therapeutic contribution and client outcomes. Of greatest importance, working with RTI provides easy access to the MOST VALUABLE of these complementary technologies: PoP REPLENISHING PCR-CBD.

Human Care PEMF Training And Certification

RTI's PEMF certification program is the result of 10+ years developing and delivering comprehensive PEMF training - including the integration of other cellular health technologies.


Equine Care PEMF Training and Certification

RTI has spent 10+ years developing comprehensive PEMF training.


Rentals, Referrals and PEMF Business Opportunities

RTI offers rental programs for those wishing to use High-Powered PEMF on a trial basis (before buying) or for a specific purpose – like expediting surgical/injury recovery or preparing for training camp etc.


Replenishing Technologies Inc (RTI) does not diagnose, treat, nor cure any illness or medical condition. Our services promote wellness, “personal best” life and athletic performance, as well as amplified resistance to illness and injury; results vary. Readers and users alike are advised to use the information, technologies, and methods presented under the supervision of their family doctor and/or other health professionals they rely upon.

Replenishing Technologies

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