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In September 2019 we added an RC MAX PEMF 120 High-Powered Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy device from Replenishing Technologies to our training and recovery tools. We knew this machine was the same one being used by a number of top NFL and NHL Players.

I believe incorporating High-Powered PEMF into what we do over the past 3 years at Texas A&M is a major reason why our Aggie Track Athletes have recorded personal bests, set NCAA records, & won Olympic as well as World Championship Gold. What I like most though - is knowing the foundation for these record performances is healthier Athletes in the form of restored tissue, reduced adrenal stress, better sleep, improved focus and faster recovery (to name only a sampling).

I feel we also made a great choice in working with Replenishing Technologies who provided a PEMF Equipment Package with extra coils and other tools at no extra cost plus unmatched Protocol training and Customer Service. For more information about the RC MAX PEMF 120 and how PEMF helps athletes heal, repair and perform see: public/download/RC_MAX_PEMF_120_for_Best_Athletic_Performance_ and_BestHealth_October_2022.pdf

Saul Luna, Senior Associate Athletic Trainer, Texas A&M Track and Field


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