Keeping a weekend warrior on the road

I take pretty good care of myself; the weakest part of my game is remembering to drink enough water.  I sometimes find myself walking around with a bottle of water half the day, and forgetting to drink it.  (Oddly I didn't have the same issue 35 years ago with beer :) ).

On Saturday when out for my daily run, my right calf and soleus muscle cramped up about a mile from home.  I was not a happy camper: things like this aren't supposed to happen "to me".  

At that point it was a case of pick your poison: run or walk.  Being a "more is more"-type I opted to run.  It wasn't pretty but I made it home; by then the leg hurt quite a bit - particularly going up and down stairs.

Fortunately waiting for me at home was what I call Replenishing Care's "clinic-in-a-box": high-powered Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy, an enhanced Exercise with Oxygen (EWOT) platform, scar tissue therapy, a nature pad and pelvic correction technique.  After all but drowning myself with water I used each of these methods (a couple combined) then hopped in my car for a 7 hour drive to train a new member of our practitioner network in the same methods.

As you might imagine I'd no sooner stepped out of the car after the 7 hour trip when I repeated the PEMF and scar tissue therapy at the practitioner's - and inhaled as much water as I could manage.

After a good night's sleep I ran the next morning just like every other day - albeit a little tender.  By the next day (following another round of PEMF and scar tissue therapy) I was completely back to normal.  

I almost wish the tenderness had lasted longer: it served as a great reminder to drink the water.     

Kindest regards,

James, 647-289-3791 

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