Keeping a weekend warrior on the road: part 2

On July 3rd I was out for my daily run when I stepped on broken asphalt and turned my left ankle completely over. The pain was sharp; the overall feeling was one of nausea. 

I had about a mile left and did a combination of running, walking and limping home; by the time I got there my ankle and foot were throbbing and swelling had started.

In truth I couldn’t wait to get home because within 5 minutes I was pulsing my injury using the PEMF 120 high-powered Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy device. 

I did so several times that day and again on July 4th. By then both the pain and swelling were noticeably less. I traveled on July 5th. Decided against running after arrival – as the airport walking had made things a little tender. But with a good night’s rest I was able to run again on July 6th – as if nothing had happened. 

It never ceases to amaze me how versatile and effective high-powered PEMF therapy is for fixing and mitigating injuries and other things that go wrong with us. I’ve used it to go from ascending paralysis (at 40) with Guillain Barre Syndrome to ascending wellness at 61. In July 2016, I used PEMF to return to full workout 9 days after hernia surgery. 

What amazes me most is how under-utilized high-powered PEMF technology is by those who could benefit from it – and that’s (just about) anyone with cells.  It’s about the best thing an athlete can do to train, recover and perform at their best ……. though it’s not just for them!   

To discover what PEMF can do for you and those you care about or for, we’d welcome hearing from you.

Kindest regards,

James, 647-289-3791

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