Putting all the pieces together again!

A few weeks ago I posted an email from Beatriz W. - a Lady in Florida to whom I had sold a high-powered Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy device in 2008 – in which Beatriz described how using PEMF had accelerated her recovery following a high speed car accident in July 2015.

 Beatriz generously detailed her full story and provided a picture of her right foot – 30 days after a team of surgeons re-attached it to her leg.  Beatriz’s experience is one more example of the healing potential of high-powered PEMF.

If you are looking to amplify your ability to help yourself or others I hope you will take a few minutes to read what Beatriz has to say - it could make a significant difference to someone.  This applies if your purpose involves working with injured athletes (especially bone and joint) PEMF is a safe way to accelerate full recovery; it's also a great way to stay well.

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-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------December 11, 2015

Hello, My name is Beatriz.

Attached is a picture of my foot about 30 days after a team of surgeons re-attached it following a horrific car accident; I had just gotten my cast removed. 

I’m sharing my story to demonstrate the healing power of high-powered Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy – in the hope other people in need of PEMF will be aware of what this cellular-health technology might do for them. 

Life-changing Event: On July 14, 2015 my world as I knew it changed forever when my car hit a tree traveling at 70 miles per hour: 

  • When I came to and opened my eyes I had a hard time breathing and felt excruciating pain all over my body; there was blood everywhere. 
  • My right arm was lying limply on the passenger seat and I felt the strangest sensation like it was floating in the air. 
  • I instantly knew my right leg was badly broken from the position it was in and the pain: my femur was protruding through my pants and swelling rapidly; the pain in my thigh was overwhelming.  My eyes followed the burning pain to my foot and I saw just a STUB where my foot should have been; my right foot had broken off my leg and was on the floor board facing backwards attached by a strip of skin.
  • Despite the pain and injury, I felt lucky to be alive. 
  • As a trained nurse, I knew I was lucky to have survived the crash. 

I was airlifted to the nearest Trauma Hospital – where a group of remarkable surgeons spent hours re-attaching my foot to my ankle.  In addition, they fixed my fibula and tibia bones which were broken (and needed a plate screwed to them), and inserted a rod in my broken femur bone all the way from my hip to my knee.  Finally they put a plate and screws in the humerus bone in my right arm; three fractured ribs were left to heal themselves.

An unusual request:  This team of surgeons was amazing!  I received the best possible care at this hospital from everyone involved and have nothing but praise and gratitude for all they did for me.   But I realized very quickly that, after the doctors had completed their repairs, there was little else being in hospital could do for me.  

By my second week in hospital I grew very anxious to return home – because I knew I had something there that could increase my body’s ability to heal and greatly reduce my healing time.    You see, waiting at home for me was a high-powered Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) machine that I had seen work wonders for my Mother who was left bedridden and unable to speak for 7 years following a stroke (until SHE started using PEMF).

As you might imagine, my nurses and doctors thought it odd that I wanted to be released from hospital so I could get on with my recovery.  But that’s exactly what I kept asking them to do.  

So on August 11th – almost a full month after my accident - I was finally permitted to return home. At this point I needed a wheelchair, was on powerful pain medication, and was totally reliant on my family to care for my needs.  

Let the healing begin!   The very next day I asked my home caregiver to bring me the PEMF unit and set it up on my bed.  This is when my healing really started!

The simplest explanation of PEMF is that it’s a battery charger for cells.  Most people don’t even realize that our cells have a natural electrical charge, let alone how important our cells “being at their full power” is to our health.  When our cells lose this power (or energy) due to illness, aging, toxicity, “wear and tear” use, or in my case traumatic injury, they are unable to do the things we need them to do – whether it’s helping us think, process food or walk etcetera. 

PEMF energy helps get cells performing again – and just as importantly, triggers and builds on our cells’ own ability to heal themselves.  Besides restoring cell function some of the other things that happen in our bodies as PEMF helps our cells regain their energy include:

  • increased circulation to damaged areas,
  • enhanced muscle function,
  • decreased inflammation,
  • improved bone regeneration,
  • reduced pain, and
  • improved nerve function.

Putting the pieces together again: I was in dire need to restore all these areas. I began “pulsing” (applying PEMF to) my entire right side for 20 minutes three times a day.

  1.  Within a couple of weeks of doing PEMF, I began to feel stronger though I was still unable to put weight on my right side.  I also noticed all the old skin on my right foot dying off and I could actually peel it away in strips. New pink skin was already forming underneath the old skin.  I also was able to stop taking the pain medication.
  2. About 4 weeks later (second week of September) I started physical therapy at the local hospital.  My insurance company had approved 8 weeks of therapy three times a week. I was nicknamed the Bionic Woman because of all the hardware I had implanted in my body. 
  3. I continued to use my PEMF machine each evening following therapy - knowing in addition to recharging my cells that PEMF helps bring out the best results from professional therapy and other methods.
  4. It would be another 6 weeks (late October) before I was finally given the go ahead to bear weight on my right side (as tolerable). Despite the FEAR it felt great to stand again.  I gave up the wheelchair and started walking with a walker for about a week, until I was able to trade my walker for a cane; I walked with a limp at this point.   My therapists were amazed at how quickly I had progressed from wheelchair to walking; they were shocked by how quickly I’d gotten off pain medication.
  5. My therapy ended November 9th and I felt much stronger but still limped.
  6. I continued to pulse each night for 20 minutes.  By the end of November I was able to walk without a cane – though I still limped slightly. 
  7. Today is close to the 5 month anniversary of my accident and I am now able to walk in my favorite sketcher sneakers, do my own grocery shopping and household chores. 
  8. As I looked down at my foot turned backwards and hanging by the skin 5 months ago it was hard to imagine this day would ever come. 
  9. The only lingering effect is that my foot still swells and aches after long walks.   
  10. Fortunately after I pulse my foot with PEMF for 15 minutes the swelling minimizes greatly and the pain subsides.

Everything happens for a reason: My experience and my Mom’s following stroke are wonderful examples of the healing power of high-powered Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy.  Our experiences also demonstrate the strengths and needs (I don’t want to use the word shortcomings) of our health care system.  Without the work of a team of gifted surgeons I would not have a right foot; but without PEMF I wouldn’t have complete use of that foot again. 

My goal is to help others have access to the best combination of care and healing tools – just as I did.

Thank you for listening and I sincerely hope that this story has opened your eyes to the tremendous healing ability of PEMF and that you’ll help me spread the word. Despite being a nurse I didn’t know anything about PEMF either until I started researching ways to help my Mom after her stroke.  I hate to think where I’d be without it; not walking that’s for sure!

Best of all, you don’t need to wait for a health crisis (which none of us need or want) to benefit from it.  PEMF is great for wellness, prevention and optimal performance.

If you wish to contact me, I would be more than happy to talk with you.  Just contact James and he will set it up.



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