I ran and worked out 9 days after hernia surgery

On July 4, 2016 I had hernia surgery.  The videos contained on the link chronicle my recovery:


 I’d like to add:

  • I’m not trying to compete with Jack Palance’s (RIP) 1992 Oscar acceptance speech merely illustrate (as he did) age is in the mind;
  • If you’re not old enough to know who Jack Palance was, I “get” the videos may seem a bit repetitive and/or too long by normal social media standards.
  • Please understand I've included them all because there are some key points I need to make, as follows:
    • Your doctor is always in charge of your care/recovery just as mine was: I followed his advice (for ME) to a “t”.  
    • Fortunately he “got” that I had been inside my body for a while now and gave me great guidance: if it hurt, stop!; if it didn’t hurt, be smart!
    • For me the “hurt” stopped quickly because the smartest thing I did was begin “pulsing” with high-powered PEMF immediately after I got home from day surgery as well as “stacking” other Replenishing Care technologies on top of PEMF that (likewise) help reduce pain, infection, swelling, and inflammation – while accelerating wound (incision) healing.
    • The dumbest thing I did was take pain medication for 2 days. It made me confused, nervous and anxious.  Turns out it wasn’t even recommended for someone with my history.
    • I do not offer my results as a promise or claim in any way.
    • I do offer my results in the hope others will start to consider ALL options to getting and staying well, achieving personal best athletic and/or life performance – and recovering from illness, injury and surgery.
    • High-powered PEMF and the other Replenishing Care technologies have been helping me and many clients achieve improved wellness and performance outcomes for 10+ years.  

 Kindest regards,

 James, 647-289-3791


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