PEMF gave my Husband another 10 good years

Last week I reconnected with a Lady to whom I’d sold a PEMF device in 2007. We’d not spoken since 2012 when I (started RTI and) transferred client support to a successor in my former company.

It was nice to reminisce and exchange updates on career and family. Naturally I was saddened to learn that her Husband Alfred had passed away earlier this year. But her subsequent comments buoyed and filled my heart; in fact at her request/suggestion I have compiled them into a short narrative, as follows:

PEMF therapy gave my Husband an extra 10 good years

In January 2004 my Husband then 75, had a 6th stent placed in his heart to assist with blood flow. Despite these procedures Alfred remained short of breath and unable to enjoy many of his normal daily activities.   In 2007 it was necessary for another 5 stents to be placed inside the original six. 

 As a nurse I knew the severity of his situation; live blood analysis confirmed my fears that his blood cells were clumping – complicating the flow of blood through the stents and adding to his risk of blood clot. 

A health practitioner/friend suggested we try high-powered Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy. Over the course of one week, Alfred had three 30-minute PEMF sessions. When we had his blood re-checked the following Monday I was astounded by the improvement in blood separation and reduction in clumping. I immediately borrowed the money to buy a PEMF machine for Alfred’s use at home – which he did (almost) daily for the next 10 years. 

Earlier this year, Alfred passed away at age 88. During the last 10 years we walked 4 blocks 4 times a day (around one mile in total) and enjoyed many of our normal activities together. 

I know my decision to buy a PEMF gave Alfred (and us) 10 additional good years. And I wanted to share this experience in the hope of helping others.


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