Be happy we thought you’d be in a wheelchair

A Neurologist recently reminded me just how unusual my recovery from Guillain Barre Syndrome is: in fact he described it as a devastating illness and that most people cannot appreciate the true progress I’ve actually made. The Doctor went on to say that the GBS patients he’s cared for have not fared quite as well to say the least and asked for information on the technologies and methods - that have taken me from ascending paralysis at 40 to ascending fitness at 61.

If you’re curious here’s my GBS story: in 1996 I went from running 50 miles per week to not being able to FALL out of a baseball catcher’s crouch in about 4 weeks. The pain was excruciating - like receiving constant electrical shock. On my release from hospital the second time I had to slither over a 6 inch snow bank (like a worm) to get to my front door.  About a year later, in a follow-up visit with my attending neurologist to discuss ongoing residual effects he commented: be happy we thought you'd be in a wheelchair.

Now 61, I workout every day, am pain and prescription drug-free and am literally getting faster and stronger. I have resting heart rate of about 50. When I run past a group of people on the street, or hop on cardio equipment at a gym, I can feel the puzzled faces look in my direction.

What puzzles (frankly saddens) me, is why my story is unusual. I have very average DNA. The only thing outstanding in my DNA was world class anxiety.  

Indeed it was this anxiety that had me running 50 miles per week at age 40, and which ultimately triggered Guillain Barre. To take it a step further, I’m as certain as I can be while on this side of the ground, Guillain Barre was my body’s way of saving me from the massive anxiety-driven heart attack that would have killed me at 40 (and been mistakenly attributed to cardiovascular disease). 

Our cells are very smart! The smartest thing I’ve done is help mine stay strong and able to best repair themselves - by using technologies and tools that give them what they need to maintain their healing performance. A year ago (at 60) I used them to return to full workout 9 days after hernia surgery – and in place of an Opioid pain medication.  

If you are interested in learning about these technologies and methods please connect with me on LinkedIn and I’ll be delighted to share I’ve learned.

Kindest regards

James, 647-289-3791

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