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The majority of people who contact us about buying a High-Powered PEMF for themselves and/or their loved ones usually do so after they have exhausted traditional methods looking for a solution to a specific need (without seeing the desired success) or because they simply want to feel more in control of their well-being and that of loved ones.

For privacy reasons we do not share the names of those with whom we work, so we're naturally thrilled and gratified (though no longer surprised) whenever those we serve share personal successes:

Why PEMF Matters and is SO effective

What PEMF does?

  • PEMF instantly stimulates muscles, connective tissues, intestines, tendons and cartilage, the brain and peripheral nerve sites promoting healing so Users perform at higher activity levels.
  • PEMF stimulates cellular metabolism, blood and fluids circulation, tissue regeneration and immune system response – creating systemic improvement across cells, organs and integrated systems so Users perform better.
  • PEMF increases blood circulation in and around damaged tissue and helps damaged cells heal by bringing more oxygen into the cells so functions that were lost, begin to recover and injury, illness and/or surgical recovery is accelerated.
  • 95% of People report less pain, better range of motion, more energy and just feel better after using PEMF just 1 time. These benefits last 4 hours to 4 days as healing begins and repeat use extends the period of benefits.
  • Many People buy their PEMF machines looking for a solution to a specific need or priority - after exhausting traditional methods, then discover that using their machine on a broader Whole Body Approach will help them feel stronger, more energetic, perform better (at work, home, life in general) and feel more in control. In our experience those reporting the best results are using RTI’s Whole Body (neurological, metabolic and spinal) Protocols daily or (at least) multiple times each week.
  • Since PEMF promotes longer-term health and wellness it is typically an investment that will help them and their Families live life to the fullest.

In our 16+ years working with PEMF, here is what we have witnessed

We do not make claims or "promises of specific results" to anyone - since PEMF outcomes (like all therapies and most life pursuits) vary by individual. What we can say with confidence though is that PEMF will use and enhance your body's innate ability to heal, repair and perform which is your greatest health resource.

In our experience we have seen that: PEMF helps reduce back, neck, shoulder, knee, ankle and body pain generally. PEMF helps reduce inflammation. PEMF helps restore lost range of motion. PEMF helps with male/female incontinence and other aging-related conditions. PEMF helps increase immunity. PEMF boosts energy. PEMF helps with stroke recovery. PEMF helps with most cancers. PEMF helps with depression. PEMF helps with Guillain Barre Syndrome. PEMF helps with Ankylosing Spondylitis. PEMF helps with MS. PEMF helps with cardiovascular disease. PEMF helps blood circulation. PEMF helps with neurological degenerative conditions. PEMF helps with injury recovery. PEMF helps with surgical recovery. PEMF helps with broken bones. PEMF improves mood and generally makes people feel better. PEMF helps with (virtually) everything because using PEMF unleashes the power of your body to heal and repair (thereby) contributing symptomatic relief through systemic improvement of cells, tissues, organs and body systems.

How RTI ensures best Outcomes for people of widely-varying Health Levels

Whole Body Protocols

Through 10+ years of hands-on PEMF care delivery, RTI developed a set of proprietary whole body protocols that maximize the true benefits of High-powered PEMF Therapy. In many ways it is common sense if you think about it: true optimal health requires that every cell, every tissue, every organ and every system is performing as optimally as possible. When that occurs we initiate the systemic improvement needed to function at our best, slow aging, and prevent illness or injury. Of course having every cell, every tissue, every organ and every system performing as optimally as possible is also crucial to recovering from illness, injury or surgery.

RTI PEMF device choices for Home Use

Note: In the event you are unfamiliar with the relative differences in Gauss ratings we included (what we hope is) a helpful comparison to motor vehicles:



Was designed to “pleasantly surprise” those who were familiar with the feel of an RC MAX PEMF 120 (a 19,200 gauss unit generally recognized as the World’s gold standard in PEMF power) by providing a reported 70% to 75% of the PEMF 120 intensity at half the price. The RC MAX Sozo is like a compact vehicle equipped with a V-4 Turbo and will provide more than adequate power for most treatment needs – especially with the luxury of a home unit.



Was designed to “approximate but not match” the feel (about at 80% to 85%) of an RC MAX PEMF 120 at 75% of the price. The RC MAX Apollo is like the same luxury vehicle as the RC MAX PEMF 120 equipped with a super-V-6 engine which will provide more than adequate power for most treatment needs – especially with the luxury of a home unit.



Is the choice of 30+ NFL and NHL Players as well as Texas A&M’s Track and Athletics Program and likewise a great choice for those wishing to make the investment for THEIR homes. Rated at 19,200 Gauss the RC MAX PEMF 120 is (as noted above) generally considered the World’s gold standard for High-Powered PEMF Therapy; it is like a luxury vehicle with a V-8 engine which is highly-advantageous when needed – but you may not use it all the time.



Like all Digital Units delivers less power per pulse but holds the pulse interval 4 times longer – thereby delivering a disproportionately-higher energy than the Gauss rating may suggest at a price of US$7900. The Digital “Dual” is so-named as it is actually 2 PEMF devices in one: a medium-powered “ringer” you feel and a low-powered “hummer” which passively delivers a second healing energy at the same time. The RC MAX Digital Dual is like an electric vehicle and tends to have a different feel to a spark chamber unit for most people.

No matter which Device you choose

These differences notwithstanding any of the 4 PEMF Devices (as with the 4 vehicles) will get you where you want to go. ALL RTI PEMF Device Packages include a Pelvic Correction Kit, Human Performance Technology and Whole Body Protocol Training at no additional charge. Click here to see our Best Wellness and Life Brochure – which features the RC MAX Sozo Spark on page 4 but applies to each of the Product Choices.


No matter which machine is chosen, RTI PEMF Owners are provided complete training in Equine PEMF Care and Human PEMF Care Whole Body Protocol Manual Protocol Manual detailing coil placements and timing (with pictures) which also serves as a valuable reference when needed.

Over the years spent as a PEMF Practitioner we have also learned that STACKING complementary technologies (specifically Pelvic Correction Kit which we use to augment our Spinal Protocol, and Human Performance Technology socks/insoles – which optimize a person’s neurology in 7 seconds) and alternating Treatment Coils contributes even greater outcomes.

NOTE: ALL RC MAX PEMF 120 and Apollo Devices are equipped with our NFL/NHL PEMF premium coil package - which includes 5 Applicator Coils for the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for 3 Coils, plus a Pelvic Correction Kit, Human Performance Technology and Whole Body Protocol Training at no additional charge. RC MAX SOZO Units may be outfitted with standard 3 Coil packages but also include Pelvic Correction Kit, Human Performance Technology and Training (as illustrated below in our RC MAX Sozo Spark standard 3 Coil Human Care Package).

RC MAX PEMF 120 Portable with 5 coil package image 1

RC MAX Sozo Spark with Standard 3 Coil Package

RTI provides unlimited Proficiency Training and ongoing support in our Protocols to those whom we train.

Replenishing Technologies Inc (RTI) does not diagnose, treat, nor cure any illness or medical condition. Our services promote wellness, “personal best” life and athletic performance, as well as amplified resistance to illness and injury; results vary. Readers and users alike are advised to use the information, technologies, and methods presented under the supervision of their family doctor and/or other health professionals they rely upon. RTI is a division of Replenishing Care and Technologies (RC&T) www.rcandt.com

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