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PEMF (briefly) Explained

Cells are electric. Like batteries, cells require an innate electrical charge to perform, heal and repair.

PEMF works like a battery charger for cells giving them back the power needed to do the function your body needs them to do, communicate with other cells, adjust to a constantly-changing environment and make repairs.

As simple as this battery charger analogy seems, the use of high-powered PEMF to re-establish and help maintain correct cellular charge positively up-regulates many biological processes - producing systemic improvement throughout the body. This systemic improvement, in turn, promotes wellness and a return to function, (often) producing rapid symptomatic relief across a wide range of issues, as illustrated in the following list of recognized benefits of High-Powered PEMF:

  • reduced pain and inflammation        
  • increased range of motion
  • accelerated functional recovery
  • faster healing of broken bones and skin wounds
  • faster recovery from surgery
  • improved general health
    • enhanced capillary formation
    • increased tensile strength in ligaments
    • reduced tissue necrosis
    • accelerated nerve regeneration

Here is a summary of scientific studies about High-Powered PEMF

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PEMF Success Stories

RTI President and COO James G. Comerford is living proof of the power of cellular health, using the RC MAX PEMF 120 and complementary cellular health technologies to go from a wheelchair at 40 (with Guillain Barre Syndrome) to pain-free, prescription-drug-free daily exercise in his sixties.


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A High-powered PEMF device is a significant investment – and the one which (we believe) is the very best investment you can make in your own health and that of those you care about!

If you have been quoted a price for a PEMF unit we invite you to contact RTI for a quote before proceeding.

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